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Innovate, Modern Gadgets for productivity without drudgery


Relook at modern occupations for the new generations

Solar Energy

Sustainable, Eco-friendly and independant


Work in Villages, local resources


Better Quality of life with higher family income


Product Unnati


Solar Powered Silk Reeling, Spinning & Twisting Machine

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Micro reeling machine to replace Thigh reeling

Medleri Charkha

Medleri Charkha

Solar or Foot powered Spinning wheel

Charkha Reeling and Re Reeling

Charkha Reeling and Re-reeling

Variety of Solar or Electric powered Charkhas

Dry Reeling & Twisting

Dry Reeling & Twisting

Silk dry reeling cum Twisting machine

Wet Re-reeling

Wet Reeling

Silk Wet reeling machine for Muga, Tassar & Mulberry



Solar assisted high productivity handloom. Operates by Hand or cycle pedal also.

Social Impact

Ramgarh, Social Impact

Ramgarh, Jharkhand

Started with a group of then women who got an opportunity to earn refular income for the first time. Now many more are waiting for their own Solar Silk Reeling Machines. (Project with Resham Sutra)

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Impact Kharsawan

Kharsawan, Jharkhand

Over thirty groups of thirty women each in Saraikela-Kharsawan have progressed from manual, sporadic work to dignified, clean and predictable living uaing Unnati Machines. (Project with Jharcraft)

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Impact Keonjhar

Keonjhar, Odisha

Tiny village of Bhagamunda hasbecome poster town for integrated silk production with Solar powered Silk reeling and weaving. Value addiction activities are being added now.

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Keonjhar, Odisha

Champa, Chattisgarh

Champa, one of the largest Tassar silk producing clusters in India is seeing a revolution with compact and reliable Buniyaad Reeling Machine replacing thigh reeling.

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Impact Udalguri

Udalguri, Assam

Handloom weavers in Udalgiri, Assam are able to double their incom with Solar looms.

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Impact Belagavi

Belagavi, Karnataka

Naseer Bhai is an expert handloom weaver. He's able to increase his productivity substantially with Solar Looms. (Project with Selco Foundation)

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